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April Meeting

April 23, 2010

Wed 28 April 2010
Productspec HQ
14 Holland St
5.30 – 7.30pm

Matt will introduce the presenters and our event sponsor, Metalbilt Doors, followed by a quick overview of their new Revit content created by the Productspec Team.
How to set up True North / Project North & Shared co-ordinates and linked Projects, by Grant Taylor (Caduceus)
Specifically how to link a site into a project and vice versa and reporting true RL’s without having to adjust the height of any levels.
Revit 2011 – the future in Action, by Matt Pettengell (Productspec)
New Tools and Features of Revit 2011 + some from the wishlist..!
Revigo – Creating unbiased renders direct from Revit, by Ben Nolan (Glare Technologies)
Indigo is an unbiased Renderer made by Wellington locals, Glare Technologies, that now has a direct exporter from Revit.

Q&A session then home at 7.30


Now on Youtube!!

April 23, 2010


As requested (over and over) I have begun uploading presentations to youtube for everyone to go back and listen to…

Kevin (from GHD) did a great presentation that can now be viewed in its 3 Part splendor.

Be sure to add us to your RSS or Google Reader or equivalent.