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Staying Informed

May 28, 2010

At the May RUG Event I showed everyone where I find information and stay on top of all of the developments around BIM and Revit (not to mention a huge number of other subjects).  From this presentation I’ve added two Links sections to the right hand panel of this blog, the first is blogs from Autodesk and the other links of interesting blogs or websites.  Please email me if you’d like to add other links to those sections.

I recommend Google Reader for subscribing to the blogs.  Its a great way to follow all of the updates without having to visit heaps of sites or have lots of Bookmarks.  I understand that Outlook can also subscribe to blogs\RSS feeds and there is also a few other apps out there.  If you can suggest one then please add it to comments. For those of you with smart phones there is a bunch of apps that will let you read those blog feeds on your phone.

I also mentioned two other sources for help… and

So hopefully you now have lots of places to find help and information and maybe even find something that you’d like to investigate and present at the next RUG!! (I’m forever hopeful!)




May Event

May 25, 2010

Wed 26 May 2010, 5.30 – 7.30pm
Productspec HQ, 14 Holland St


Matt will introduce the presenters and our event sponsor, Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts, followed by a demonstration of their new Revit content created by the Productspec Team.


Ben Dash from CPG will demonstrate how they can use photos of a building to build an accurate 3D representation.  He will be using the Wellington Free Ambulance building on the waterfront as an example.

Working with Mass

Rhys Hall will be showing methods he uses to take a physical model and recreate it in Revit.

RTC coverage & Online Resources

Matthew Pettengell will present an overview of the recent Revit Technology Conference in Sydney plus some advice on finding Revit resources online.

Q&A session then home at 7.30