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June Event

June 23, 2010

Who you gonna call..?

Batch Renderer for Revit
We’ll demo the Revit Batch Renderer, a free utility for rendering multiple views in Revit.  We’ll be showing what it is, how it works, and how you can make your lunch break longer..!

Q&A Session – RUGbusters..!
You’ve spoken and we’ve listened.  We will be running through a series of questions and do our damnest to answer them.  This will be open-floor so show us what you know, company pride is on the line..!

It’s not too late to send in your questions – just email Rhys and we’ll see if there is time to fit it in.

Want to know just how powerful schedules are..?
We’ll take you though some of the lesser-known but most powerful tricks to scheduling and illustrate how you can extend your lunch break even further than than the first session will enable..!

You can’t afford to miss this one as next month we will be taking you through shared parameters to build on your scheduling power.

Thanks Carter Holt Harvey : )
CHH have again sponsored this session and provided the delectable gastronomic treats – thanks guys.  Rhys will also run though a demo of their new Revit content created by the Productspec team.