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September Event

August 24, 2010

Action packed..!
This month for RUGbusters…
Send us a tricky task or a  prickly issue that you want to improve / looking for a way to do quicker.  Email Rhys with your queries.

If Or And Not but…
Rhys is going to take us through those troublesome yet powerful time savers – Conditional Statements –  being the If’s, Or’s, And’s, Not’s, but not But’s..!

More Room for Schedules
Matt will walk us through the schedules again.  This time introducing concepts and schedules like Rooms in schedules and Material takeoffs that can help us organise and maintain our projects, ultimately saving you more time..!

Sheets Saver
Grant will show us the new 2011 feature that allows you to create Sheet Place Holders.  In Grant’s own words, ‘it’s fantastic, you’ll never look back!”

Q&A Session
It’s not too late to send in your questions – just email Rhys to have your question answered in the open Q&A session..

NZIA CPD points are available

This session is sponsored by the good people at Productspec so no need to bring a crisp $5 note..!  It’s all free, so tell the techies, direct the directors here, bring your office, shout from the photocopier – see you there : )