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Seasons Greetings and beyond…

December 8, 2010

Firstly,  thank you to all participants, presenters and sponsors this year.  Its great to tick off another year of learning and collaboration.  We hope that you all got value out of the events this year and we look forward to seeing you again in February after a well deserved break.

From the last informal meeting we devised some action points for the 2011 events.  Please comment or email if you’d like to add anything to these points.

  • Question and Answers to be collected and sent out to the group a couple of days before the event to allow those interested to look for a solution.
  • We are going to look at promoting out to a wider audience, the group is as strong as it’s members.
  • reintroduce the Basic/Intermediate and Advanced levels of presentation to cater to the varying skill levels of the group.
  • Real world Problems!  We are going to encourage users to bring in a thumb-drive with a problem Revit project and allow the group to solve it on the spot.  Remember to save off the project before you try and solve it or work around the problem.
  • Show and Tell.  We got a lot of value out of seeing other peoples projects and hearing about how they solved issues, built the Revit Project, worked with others etc.
  • Wednesday nights seem to work, Friday lunch sessions will see a return.  The 4th Wednesday night of month from February to November.

The reoccurring theme, for me at least, is that the community is what makes RUGWELL work and provide benefit to its members.  With diverse presentations and an emphasis on problem solving I know we are in for another good year.

Sponsorship will continue, keeping the event free!  The first few months are already booked with sponsors and presentation from other discplines (Quantity Surveyors) lined up.

If you’re interested in presenting or have an idea for a topic/presentation please email or comment.

See you all in the New Year!