Hatch 22


Hatch 22 is a free Revit Add-on utility that assists you to create your own custom draft and model hatch patterns.

Detail Patterns

– Detail patterns can be used in a variety of 2d situations such as  floor detailing, cut patterns general detailing.

– By using continuous, dashed, and dot line types the variety of patterns is limitless.

– Rotating detail pattern types can take a bit of adjusting to match the line styles across each boundary module.

– Curved lines are not recognised, however a series of connected ‘dashed’ lines can be substituted.

– The simplest method of compiling your library is to have your notepad hatch file open in a separate window and copy-paste the named hatches direct to the file. Alternatively, create a separate file with individual hatches within.

Model Patterns

Custom model patterns can be useful when working with 3d finishes. For example, creating negative detailing on panels, schist veneers, floor parquet etc


Custom hatch patterns can be labour intensive, and take quite some time to create, whether  using Autocad or by script. Hatch22 makes it simple to create custom hatch files that can be added to your hatch library with minimal effort.

Full instructions, and content can be found Here


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