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Topic Suggestions

July 10, 2012

Here is a starter list of topics that I thought would be interesting. Please add any topics you would like to see presented in the comments section & I’ll copy them up to the main post. Also, please say if you think any of these are not worthwhile & we’ll try to keep the yawn material out of our meetings.

Offer to present are always welcome! You can pick something from the list if you know a bit about it, or dream up your own topic.

  • Model positioning & shared coordinates.
  • Working with IFC files (i.e. archicad exports)
  • DWF markups in Revit including Autodesk 360
  • Clash detection in Revit, & or in NavisWorks
  • Using point clouds in Revit
  • ANZRS (Australia New Zealand Revit Standards) overview
  • Visibility control methods
  • Revit model compare tool
  • Adaptive families
  • Revision clouds & revision control
  • Colour fill plans
  • Project browser organisation
  • MEP System Families