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March Event highlights.

March 28, 2014

Hi everyone,

Here’s a link to Leigh-Maries awesome presentation on Revit Design Options last Wednesday.

You should be able to download it as a PDF from here.

RUGwell delegates getting the point. Who can you recognise?

RUGwell delegates getting the point. Who can you recognise?


My new LinkedIn profile picture.

My new LinkedIn profile picture.





26 March Event – Site visit!

March 24, 2014

Please join us for this months RUGwell meeting at;

Victoria University – Hugh Mackenzie Lecture Theatre 104 – Kelburn Parade

grid 23-c on map at

followed by a ride on the cable car, and drinks at Concrete Bar, courtesy of asBUILT.

As always, doors open at 5.30pm for a 6..00pm start, finishing at 7.30pm.


First presentation:
Lecture Theatre Case Study – Kevin Lux, Tennent Brown Architects

Kevin will show us how Revit was used in the design, documentation and
construction of this challenging interior space.

Second Presentation:
Design Options – Leigh-Marie, Stephenson & Turner

Leigh-Marie will explain this useful feature to us.


Followed by:
asBUILT Laser Scanning Solutions

Following our recent theme of point cloud integration, asBUILT will show us a
scan of the theatre and demonstrate their services.


Many thanks to asBUILT for providing a bar tab after the event.


Getting There and Back:

Click on the link above for a map. You can take the Cable Car to the Salamanca stop and then walk to Kelburn Terrace.

Take a copy of the map to guide you to the Hugh Mackenzie lecture theatre (grid 23-c)

After the meeting, our plan is to take the cable car down to Lambton Quay and stop in at Concrete Bar for a
drink or two (thanks asBUILT!) and a bit of a natter.

(cable car fare is $7 for a return trip or $3.50 for on-way downhill)

Feel free to call/txt Grant on 021 677784 if you are running late or get lost.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Grant Taylor, Kevin Thickett & Michael Warwick