26 March Event – Site visit!


Please join us for this months RUGwell meeting at;

Victoria University – Hugh Mackenzie Lecture Theatre 104 – Kelburn Parade

grid 23-c on map at http://www.victoria.ac.nz/vicvenues/files/kelburn-campus-map.pdf

followed by a ride on the cable car, and drinks at Concrete Bar, courtesy of asBUILT.

As always, doors open at 5.30pm for a 6..00pm start, finishing at 7.30pm.


First presentation:
Lecture Theatre Case Study – Kevin Lux, Tennent Brown Architects

Kevin will show us how Revit was used in the design, documentation and
construction of this challenging interior space.

Second Presentation:
Design Options – Leigh-Marie, Stephenson & Turner

Leigh-Marie will explain this useful feature to us.


Followed by:
asBUILT Laser Scanning Solutions

Following our recent theme of point cloud integration, asBUILT will show us a
scan of the theatre and demonstrate their services.


Many thanks to asBUILT for providing a bar tab after the event.


Getting There and Back:

Click on the link above for a map. You can take the Cable Car to the Salamanca stop and then walk to Kelburn Terrace.

Take a copy of the map to guide you to the Hugh Mackenzie lecture theatre (grid 23-c)

After the meeting, our plan is to take the cable car down to Lambton Quay and stop in at Concrete Bar for a
drink or two (thanks asBUILT!) and a bit of a natter.

(cable car fare is $7 for a return trip or $3.50 for on-way downhill)

Feel free to call/txt Grant on 021 677784 if you are running late or get lost.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Grant Taylor, Kevin Thickett & Michael Warwick



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