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22 October Event

October 22, 2014

Please join us for the RugWELL October meeting at Stephenson & Turner

Wed 22 October 2014 @ Stephenson & Turner

Level 2, 158 Victoria Street Google Map

5.30pm – for a 6pm start Please do not arrive before 5:30 Finishing at 7:30pm

If you arrive late and can’t get in, TXT Grant on 021 677784
First presentation:

Case Study – Christchurch Justice Precinct

Lyndon Ingram – Limetree Services

Suitable for all levels of expertise, Full Revit & LT This will centre around the Structural and MEP coordination work Lyndon has been doing on this project


Second Presentation:

Navisworks TimeLiner

Kevin Thickett NDY

Kevin will show us how to create a gantt chart and export a construction sequence animation using Navisworks. He says we will be surprised at how easy this is. Suitable for all levels of expertise. Uses Navisworks Simulate (which is part of Building Design Suite Premium) or Navisworks Manage (Building Design Suite Ultimate)

Third Presentation:

Lights on Ceilings

Michael Warwick S&T

Michael will show us how to put lights onto ceilings in Revit to show up with symbols for electrical plans and model objects for coordinated ceiling plans. He says we will be surprised how difficult this is. Suitable for all levels of expertise, Full Revit & LT. Touches on some more advanced concepts. While the focus is MEP in full Revit the implications profoundly affect the base architectural model.
Followed by:

Questions, answers, tips and tricks Come armed with any questions you have or quick tips you want to share.


Sponsor: Many thanks to Stephenson & Turner who are kindly hosting and sponsoring this event


Looking forward to seeing you there. Grant Taylor, Kevin Thickett & Michael Warwick



RUGwell Public Google Drive folder

October 13, 2014

Your friendly RUGwell committee is currently finalising the details of this months meeting. In the mean time, I’ve uploaded the slides from my Clash Detection Strategies presentation at our August Event.

You can find it in the RUGwell Public Google Drive folder.

If there are other past presentations you would like to see loaded here, let us know & we will contact the presenter.