Do your Revit families work in Archicad?


Just something I’ve learned about exporting to Archicad via IFC (from Revit 2014).

I’ve been helping our Christchurch office resolve a display issue with our electrical fixtures when they are imported into Archicad. The fixtures concerned have the outside edge missing when viewed in section.

After some testing, we narrowed down the problem to the radiused front edge. The images below show the ootb Revit family on the left (it has sharp edges), and our family on the right.

(sorry about the image quality, they are saved out of an email thread)















In ArchiCAD they can fix the problem (by type) like this;


editing the ArchiCAD script













But would have to do it every time we send them an updated model.


The ArchiCAD hidden edge parameter is the key, it has at least 3 settings;

0/1 is an on off toggle

2 is an instruction to draw a line where no edge is present


We can not force hiddenEdge to 2 when exporting to IFC (as far as I know)


I’ve never actually used ArchiCAD, is it possible to force hiddenEdge to 2 when importing IFC? If so, I’d like to know how so I can share the information.


Currently our best choices are to swap out all the fixtures for simpler ones, or edit our library fixture to remove the radius (not as easy as it sounds, due to its complex construction).



Thanks to David Miller & Greg Diamond for their assistance.




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