Merry Christmas from RUGwell

December 1, 2015 by

Our final meeting of the year is now behind us. Thanks again to ProductSpec for once again putting on a fitting end of year break up.

Thanks also to our speakers;

Jason Howden for a very interesting and inspiring Christchurch Justice Precinct case study, its good to know what can be achieved here and now.

Michael Warwick for an equally interesting and very useful presentation about Revit data corruption.

Micheal presentation was based on this document;

It was great to see some new faces, especially MEPers, do come back for more next year!


Special thanks to our eight host venues this year ,who not only provided use of their facilities, but also provided snacks and refreshments, keeping RUGwell free for everyone.

This year we met at;

Wellington City Council (twice)


Stephenson & Turner


Designgroup Stapleton Elliott

Norman Disney & Young


Productspec (twice)

We have at least one new venue in the pipeline for next year, so get in early if you want to host!


Thank you very much to those who took the time effort and risk to share your expertise and experiences. Without you there would be no RUGwell (sorry I don’t have a comprehensive list of this years speakers).

We are always keen to hear a new perspective on things Revit and BIM. So if you’d like to boost your industry reputation and practice your technical presentation skills in a low impact environment, feel free to volunteer.

There is no level of experience requirement as we like to have presentations aimed at various levels, and your RUGwell committee is happy to help out with topic suggestions from our list.

Merry Christmas.

We hope you get you projects finished in time, have a safe and relaxing break, and return to work invigorated for a 2016 packed with BIM awesomeness.

Keep an eye on the blog as there may be a few posts between now and our first meeting of 2016 in February.


Wednesday 25th November Event

November 25, 2015 by

Please join us at Productspec for some great presentations and a bit of seasonal cheer.

This is the last meeting for the year, and tradition dictates (we have been around long enough to have traditions!) that we see in the festive season in style.

Wed 25 November 2015
@ Productspec
19 Edward St, Te Aro, Wellington
Google Map

5.30pm – for a 6pm start
Please do not arrive before 5:30
Finishing at 7:30pm
If you arrive late and can’t get in, TXT Grant on 021 677784

RSVP to Grant

First presentation:
Building on Shakey Ground – BIM on the Christchurch Justice and Emergency Services Precinct

By Jason Howden – WAM
Suitable for all levels of experience, Full Revit and Revit LT
An overview how Warren and Mahoney together with Fletcher construction are leveraging BIM in the construction of the Christchurch Justice and Emergency Services building.- not to be missed!
Jason is one of the original Rugwellers and our first chairperson and it is great to have him back in his old stomping ground.

Second Presentation:
Improper Arguments with Revit

Michael Warwick – Stephenson & Turner
Suitable for all levels of experience, Full Revit and Revit LT
File corruption, Revit crashes, what causes them and how to reduce problems.

Many thanks to Productspec who are kindly hosting this event

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Grant Taylor, Kevin Thickett & Michael Warwick

Wednesday 28 October – Special BIM Event!

October 23, 2015 by

This month we will be meeting at Wellington City Council to take part in a special BIM event.

Collaboration with IFC

This event is for anyone in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries who can benefit from sharing BIM data between different software applications, especially between ArchiCAD and Revit.
First presentation:

Collaboration and OpenBIM

Mark Horrocks Cadimage Group

Mark is the Collaboration Specialist at Cadimage Group and spends a fair amount of his time getting customers to collaborate well in Australia and New Zealand.  As we move more into BIM and general 3D modelling this collaboration is moving away from traditional DWG and PDF and moving into IFC.  IFC is an open standard file format that allows different authoring platforms to share 3D geometry and other object related meta data.  Through IFC and the Open BIM concept customers can send and receive each other’s 3D models and design and modify their buildings accordingly.

Mark will briefly show us some of these concepts, plus some tricks learnt along the way, plus some real-life industry projects using various collaboration techniques.

Second Presentation:

ArchiCAD to Revit for WCC data extraction

Max from WCC and Alex from Caduceus Systems Ltd
This is part three of the series of presentations Wellington City Council has been giving about getting BIM data into their Asset Management System.
Early jobs used only Revit models, this presentation is how they work with ArchiCAD models.
Max and Alex will go through some of their projects discussing how they made their decisions and then how they made the software do what they needed.

General Discussion / Question and Answers
IFC translation can be handled in many ways, all with varying results. The technology is also constantly evolving. Pros and cons abound.
There will be quite a bit of expert knowledge in the room so in the best traditions of user groups, feel free to ask your questions or perhaps provide a few answers.

See you there!

Wed 28 October 2015
@ Wellington City Council
Public Library, 65 Victoria St

On entering Library foyer, turn left to lifts.
Take lift to Mezzanine floor.
On exiting lifts turn right to meeting room.
Any concerns, give Max a call on
0210233 5042
Google Map

6pm – 8pm

RSVP to Grant

Announcement; RUGwell becomes a Collaborate affiliate.

October 22, 2015 by

RUGwell is excited to announce that we are now participating as a Collaborate affiliate group member! RUGwell have long been of the view that BIM groups should be working together, sharing information, not operating in isolated silos (sound familiar?). Collaborate have provided that framework.

Read the CollaborateANZ Statement of Collaboration.

View the list of affiliate groups.

How will this affect us?

RUGwell is still an independent local user group, self governed by its members via an organising committee.

Affiliating with Collaborate provides us with access to resources, ideas, and hopefully speakers from the other affiliates. In return we will share information & ideas on behalf of the group.

We will always ask before speaking on your behalf.

We will never share, sell, or otherwise distribute our email list.

Special BIM Event!

October 5, 2015 by

This month we will be meeting at Wellington City Council for a special BIM event.

The topic at hand will be;

Collaboration with IFC.

We will kick off with some presentations around this theme, including how Wellington City Council are using IFC, and finish with a Q&A time.

We will have visiting & local experts present, so bring your curly questions.

We hope to get a good turn out from users of various software platforms, in addition to our usual Revit people. So spread the word and encourage your contacts to take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to work more effectively together.

6.00 pm Wednesday 28th October.

See you there!

(More information to follow)

August meeting followup – Drawing and Model markup options

September 2, 2015 by

Thanks to all those who attended the August meeting and to Norman Disney Young for hosting

First presentation: Round tripping Revit data through Trace

Pat Browne from NDY gave some great insights into their MEP processes for round tripping Revit Data through Trace for heating and cooling load calcs. One part of Pat’s presentation that generated quite a bit of discussion was the process of prepping the linked consultant’s models for their MEP purposes and the efficiencies that can be gained if we take the time to understand each others needs and “scrub each others backs”.

e.g. It is quite important for the heating and cooling load calcs that all walls are properly defined as Exterior on Interior. As the walls are generally in the architectural model it is there that this setting needs to be made, therefore, the architectural consultant should do it. However, this setting is mostly ignored by Architectural consultants as it has no real bearing on their output (i’m generalising here – based on the reality that most consultants are not required to produce full BIM models), but it is actually really easy to do (Edit wall type, select Exterior or Interior). Of course, if this setting is done in the right place, it only needs to be done once.

It was clear from those at the meeting that they would happily make these sort of changes to their model if they knew it was going to help someone else and raise the overall “BIM-ness” of the project.

Second Presentation: Drawing and Model markup options.

I promised to post the information I presented about some of the options available to you, your team and anyone else to review, markup and comment on your drawings and models.

Click here to download a spreadsheet summary of some of the most common options. It is by no means a comprehensive list, just what I have come across in my travels. If you have other processes or software that you use, please let me know and I will keep the list updated.

Click here to download the information (and content) about using revit families as comment markers directly in your revit projects and using schedules to keep track of them.



Wednesday 22nd July Event

July 21, 2015 by

This months meeting is at Productspec

We hope you can make it along for another dose of Revit enlightenment.

19 Edward St, Te Aro, Wellington
Google Map

5.30pm – for a 6pm start
Please do not arrive before 5:30
Finishing at 7:30pm
If you arrive late and can’t get in, TXT Grant on 021 677784

RSVP to Grant

First presentation:
The Productspec team will demonstrate the brand new Revit families for the MonkeyToe Systems range of roof access, plant mounting, barrier and personal protection systems.

Second Presentation:
Dynamo 101
By Chris Welch – Productspec
Suitable for all levels of expertise, Full Revit
A must-know for all Revit users! Chris will introduce us to the basics of Dynamo node-based programming, with the goal of providing a foundation of knowledge that will allow us to get started with creating our own simple dynamo tools and take advantage of the thriving Dynamo community.

Case Study: Parametric Cocoon
Following the Dynamo presentation, Chris will highlight the possibilities of node-based programming by breaking down the process of designing, documenting and CNC fabricating Productspec’s crazy BuildNZ exhibition stand using Revit, Rhino, & Grasshopper.

Note, the actual 6m x 3m parametric cocoon will also be on display at the Productspec studio.

Third Presentation:
RTC Round up
Cherry & Kevin from NDY will share their experiences from this years Revit Technology Conference on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Many thanks to Productspec and MonkeyToe Systems who are kindly hosting and sponsoring this event

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Grant Taylor, Kevin Thickett & Michael Warwick

PS. have you looked at the RUGwell blog. Click here to sign up to RSS feeds

Whats new in Revit 2015 (May Event follow up

June 9, 2015 by

Grant has prepared a handy document listing all the new features he talked about at the May event.

You can download it from our public Google Drive folder here;

Revit 2016 New Features

Do your Revit families work in Archicad?

February 14, 2015 by

Just something I’ve learned about exporting to Archicad via IFC (from Revit 2014).

I’ve been helping our Christchurch office resolve a display issue with our electrical fixtures when they are imported into Archicad. The fixtures concerned have the outside edge missing when viewed in section.

After some testing, we narrowed down the problem to the radiused front edge. The images below show the ootb Revit family on the left (it has sharp edges), and our family on the right.

(sorry about the image quality, they are saved out of an email thread)















In ArchiCAD they can fix the problem (by type) like this;


editing the ArchiCAD script













But would have to do it every time we send them an updated model.


The ArchiCAD hidden edge parameter is the key, it has at least 3 settings;

0/1 is an on off toggle

2 is an instruction to draw a line where no edge is present


We can not force hiddenEdge to 2 when exporting to IFC (as far as I know)


I’ve never actually used ArchiCAD, is it possible to force hiddenEdge to 2 when importing IFC? If so, I’d like to know how so I can share the information.


Currently our best choices are to swap out all the fixtures for simpler ones, or edit our library fixture to remove the radius (not as easy as it sounds, due to its complex construction).



Thanks to David Miller & Greg Diamond for their assistance.



Wednesday 25th February Event

February 13, 2015 by

To kick off the RUGwell year, we are at Wellington City Council;

Public Library, 65 Victoria St
On entering Library foyer, turn left to lifts.
Take lift to Mezzanine floor.
On exiting lifts turn right to meeting room.

Google Map

5.00pm – for a 6pm start
Finishing at 7:30pm

RSVP to Grant

First presentation:

Use of BIM Models by Wellington City Council Strategic Asset Management Planning Team (SAMP)
by Tane Dunne (Team Leader Built & Green), Matt Cantwell & Max Drake
Suitable for all levels of expertise, Full Revit & LT
Wellington City Council uses an Asset Management Information System (AMIS) to forecast budget requirements for its building maintenance and upgrade programmes.
There is currently a process to back-capture existing building stock data and WCC is looking to use BIM to automate this process and feed it into their AMIS.  Benefits include; building information available very soon after practical completion, ability to forecast maintenance tasks against specific building elements, and access to warrantee and guarantee information from a single source.
WCC is building a tool that can be adapted and will allow a 2 way link between Revit & SPM so that SPM asset condition can be transferred and shown graphically in the model.
Second Presentation:
Revit for Digital Fabrication
Grant Douglas – Makers of Architecture (MoA)
Suitable for all levels of expertise, Full Revit
Makers of Architecture are a new architectural company that are interested in the principals of making. Along with their interdependent company, Makers Fabrication, MoA are interested in digital fabrication, where data rich digital models are optimised to output data for CNC fabrication and assembly. MoA are using Autodesk Revit and Rhino as their main documentation and manufacturing tools. They are also using visual programming tools such as Dynamo and Grasshopper.
This presentation will show a brief insight into the design opportunities, efficiencies and thinking MoA use and are continuing to research and develop.

Committee update:
The committee will share with you waht we have planned for the year including the proposed Wellington BIM Unconference

Followed by:
Questions, answers, tips and tricks
Come armed with any questions you have or quick tips you want to share.

**Situations Wanted**
We are happy to advertise in the newsletter & blog, any of our members looking for a job in the realm of Wellington BIM. We won’t do situations vacant. Contact any one of the committee members with your Linked-in profile.

Steven Tanner – Structural designer moving to Wellington
Many thanks to Wellington City Council Strategic Asset Management Planning Team who are kindly hosting and sponsoring this event

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Grant Taylor, Kevin Thickett & Michael Warwick