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Wellington BIM Unconference

February 3, 2015

Hi everyone,

Your committee has been discussing the idea of holding BIM “Unconference” in the second half of 2015 & would like some feedback as to whether this is a good idea.

An unconference works on the theory that the networking and discussions that take place out of class time can be as valuable as the structured presentations & should therefore be brought front and centre. Each session is a lightly facilitated themed discussion – with documented output. Ideally the output would be a proposed solution to a problem, suggested common work practices, and such like. The output from all sessions is shared with all registered participants at the end of the conference.

From Wikipedia;

Typically at an unconference, the agenda is created by the attendees at the beginning of the meeting. Anyone who wants to initiate a discussion on a topic can claim a time and a space. Unconferences typically feature open discussions rather than having a single speaker at the front of the room giving a talk, although any format is permitted. This form of conference is particularly useful when the attendees generally have a high level of expertise or knowledge in the field the conference convenes to discuss.

and more here;

Here are some thoughts from me about how the Wellington BIM Unconference might work.

We are completely open to suggestions and alternatives at this stage.


A single week day around August/September.


All participants would need to attend an early (breakfast?) session in order to set the agenda and session times. This would be done using Open Space Technology principles (see the link above). Participants could then assign themselves to some, all, or no sessions as they see fit. Local participants can then go to work if they wish, returning only for those sessions they see value in attending.

Target Audience;

Primarily focused on the greater Wellington region, although participants from further afield would be welcome to bring their expertise. We hope to reach beyond our core RUGWell attendees and attract users of other softwares, along with people who work (or wrestle) with BIM outside of the design office. This could include contractors, sub-contractors, facilities managers, and property owners.

Ideally we will get the whole supply chain, from concept to operation, talking about how we can work together to use BIM effectively in our local market.


The topics discussed will ultimately be decided on the day feel free to suggest some potential topics in the comments to get people thinking.


We aim to run each RUGWell meeting as a stand alone cost neutral event, and would hope to to do the same with a Wellington BIM Unconference. Each session would either be free, or have a small venue charge. Please let us know what you think of this. Also, would you be prepared to pay to have the opening session at a nice breakfast venue?


In order to keep cost to a minimum we would likely accept sponsorship, feel free to contact your favorite committee member (or me) to discuss this further.

Final comment;

How many times did I say participant? The key to a successful unconference is participation!