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RUGWELL March 24th

March 23, 2010

The March Event is looking good with a Plumbing and Architectural focus.   There should be some good discussion around how to co-ordinate between Architecture and MEP (and Structural).

As always doors open from 5:30pm and kick off at 6pm…

Thanks to Grant and Kevin for putting there hand up for this months presentations
Creating 3D Plumbing & Drainage Layouts in Revit Architecture, by Grant Taylor (Caduceus)
A quick look at how we can produce Plumbing & Drainage Plans and 3D schematics without using MEP.  Grant will also dive into the family editor and show you how to put together a Pipe Family including parameters for falls and standard pipe sizes.

Interface, not ‘in ya face’..!  Working with architects models from an MEP user perspective, Kevin Thickett (GHD)
Discussion about the requirements of the various disciplines from the architect’s model, what to do with it, co-ordination and pitfalls etc…

New RUGwell website presentation by Matthew Pettengell

I’m going to be showing off this blog and taking requests for content\posts for this website.